Ray Frost

Ray lives on the Costa del Sol. He has a fantastic solo act playing real music both acoustically with out any backing and also electric guitar with backing tracks.

He has a huge range of music styles with easy listening soft acoustic music right through to great party sets.

Ray has been part of many famous acts including The Rubettes. His musician ship and vocals are second to none and we highly recommend him.

Ray is an extremely talented player, with great technique and a unique style. Highly regarded by his contemporaries, his originality adds a new dimension and a ‘breath of fresh air’.

Born in Essex, he started playing Guitar at the age of 9 and ‘fine-tuned’ his craft, working with several top local bands. 

Ray is a well-known face on the music scene, who has featured in countless TV/Radio sessions and sat in with many great Guitar legends, including Albert Lee, Gary Moore. Paul Gilbert, Buddy Whittington etc.

He is also involved with promoting local bands.

Ray brings tremendous enthusiasm and brings with him a ‘touch of class’ on any night out.